When sustainability is discussed within the digital tech industry, the conversation often revolves around electricity use. Typically “how can we reduce electrical consumption in data centers or on end-user devices, and how can we decarbonise it?”.

This is great progress, but the industry is in danger of overlooking the big, more difficult questions.

Questions like: what exactly are those paradigms, systems and root causes that have got us into a rapidly warming climate? And how has this industry been culpable? And how does it continue to be culpable? What do we need to change?

Doing the Doughnut.tech was conceived to support people within the digital tech industry to:

  • explore a broad definition of sustainability;
  • look deeper into the root causes of what is going wrong;
  • imagine a better future for the industry.

We are developing ways to break the conversation out from optimising electricity use and decarbonisation, and towards a more holistic appreciation.

We’re using the excellent Doughnut Economics framework as a vehicle to generate these discussions and understanding with the digital tech sector.

We present to you, the tech Doughnut!