The team

Hannah Smith


Alistair Alexander


Workshop attendees

? We owe an enormous debt of gratitute to our pilot workshop attendees. They responded to a shout-out for help within the community and each participated openly, honestly and gave their time & expertise freely to us.

We simply couldn’t have done it without these twenty-nine fantastic humans.

Some of our attendees from workshop 1
Some of our attendees from workshop 2

Our story

We, Hannah and Alistair, connected in late 2021 through the community to chat generally about Doughnut Economics. We realised very quickly we had a shared desire to explore how the model might work in the digital tech industry. Specifically how might it inspire broader, deeper conversations beyond a fixation on just optimising energy use and into much harder, people-focused questions?

At the time Hannah was doing a fellowship with the Green Web Foundation exploring the intersection of climate justice and digital technologies. As part of her fellowship she saw overlaps between the principles of Doughnut Economics and climate justice issues, and wanted to look more closely at the synergies.

The fellowship became the catalyst for us launching Doing the Doughnut Tech and we ran our pilot workshops in March and April 2022. In June 2022, we launched the first version of our website.

Hannah wrote a full write-up of the project from her point of view.