Climate change

Maintaining safe and steady concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to prevent changes in global temperatures.

A global overview

When greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are released into the air, they enter the atmosphere and amplify Earth’s natural greenhouse effect, trapping more heat within the atmosphere. This results in global heating, whose effects include rising temperatures, more frequent droughts, floods and storms,, and sea level rise. 

How is digital tech relevant to climate change?

Areas of tension

These are the issues, negative impacts and concerns collectively raised by the attendees from our pilot workshops.

For the global population
  • The main cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels, and digital tech is highly reliant on fossil fuels to create the electricity it needs to manufacture and run the infrastructure and end-user devices that enables it.
  • Another significant cause of climate change is waste and consumerism, and the digital tech industry accelerates wasteful consumerism in western nations both of physical and digital products.
  • There are misconceptions around the impact of digital technology of climate change, and there is a pervasive ‘digital is green’ myth that inhibits effective climate action in the industry.
  • Running datacenters and digital devices creates excess heat which contributes to the warming problem, especially as energy is used to cool them down again.

How can we nudge these tensions for the better?

Grounds for hope

These are visions and ideas for change collectively raised by the attendees from our pilot workshops.

For the global population

  • Every digital or tech solution is compelled to transparently share its impact on climate change is working to minimise impact.
  • Climate action integrated into every dimension/stage of digital tech life.
  • Working to drive change within organisations.
  • Whole system energy design.

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